Ordering Policy



Once you place an order you cannot cancel it because we begin to process your order immediately. All orders are final.

If you accidentally input the wrong delivery information, we advice that you email us as soon as possible at info@junederm.com. We will do the best we can to correct your mistake. Once your order is shipped we will not be able to help you, you will have to contact the courier company to change the address.

If you provide us with incorrect shipping details that result in your parcel being lost or stuck in customs, we cannot be held responsible and you will have to place a new order if you wish to do so. Therefore, we recommend you double check your shipping details before placing/submitting your order.

International Customers Please Note: You will be shown the prices of our products in your local currency, but will be shown our local currency (Naira) at checkout.

Due to the exchange rate daily fluctuations, every time you place an order on our store the price displayed may be slightly different. It is important to note the price displayed on our website is just an exchange rate estimate by a currency app we use.

The price you are charged by your bank may be slightly different from what is displayed on our website. However, the difference should not be that much, it may be slightly higher or slightly lower, it really depends on your banks exchange rate of the day.



We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards, Bank Transfers and Apple Pay.