About Us

Our Name

Our brand name is derived from our founders personal life and her love for skincare. It is a combination of her birth month, June and the ‘derm’ in the word epidermis (the topmost layer of skin). It was important to give the brand a name that has a personal connection to herself, as the brand reflects her personal skincare beliefs and standards.

Our Driving Force

We are a Nigerian skincare brand based in Lagos, Nigeria that launched in June 2022.

The lack of safe, good quality and creative skincare products in the Nigerian skincare industry was the driving force in creating Junederm. At Junederm we want to show the world that good quality, creative, effective and high performance skincare products can come from Africa too. We want the world to see that Africa can push out much more than shea butters and black soaps.

Who We Are

Our motto is 'For better skin, not perfect skin' We want to change the mindset of perfect skin being the ultimate skincare goal. Rather, we want to promote the narrative that getting the skin to a better and healthier state is more important. We do this providing effective products that have a specific purpose and produce realistic results.

For Everyone: At Junederm we welcome all genders, skin tones and body types. We believe everyone deserves good quality skincare irrespective of our physical differences.

Formulas That Deliver: When you use our products, you feed your skin with well researched ingredients that make up an effective formula that delivers results.

Nothing To Hide: We make sure to list every single ingredient used in each of our formulas.

Sustainable Packaging: We are committed to sustaining the intergrity of our planet, this is why we use recyclable glass bottles to package our products. We are aware that there are more measures we can take in order to help our planet and we plan to do so as we grow.

Vegan & Cruelty Free: We will never test any of our products on animals only on people.

Fragrance Free: All our products are free from artificial fragrance and essential oils.